Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

Whether you are in a jam and need a way to revamp your home quickly, or simply want to get your house looking fresh again, there are lots of inexpensive and effective ways to give your home a renewed look. Here are some easy and affordable ways to refresh your home on a budget:

Start with a fresh coat of paint – You don’t have to completely redo your walls or carpet if you do not wish to, but it will certainly give your home that fresh new look. Use a bold color or choose a light shade that will help to make the room seem much larger than it actually is. One great inexpensive option for paint is to find paint brushes in a bold color that you have left over from when you bought the painting supplies.

Add seating – Use cushions or throw pillows for all your chairs, couches, and loveseats. Or, find small pillows and place them in strategic locations to create more of a conversation zone. You can also add unique pillows that would work well as throw pillows. You can use two pieces of fabric that you have left over from when you purchased the linens.

Get rid of clutters – Get rid of all those stray magazines and papers and files that clutter up the area around your couch, loveseat, and other coffee table decor. Place them in a zippered bag to keep them organized and look neat. Remember to remove any covers that can be found in the room. Make a trip to your local thrift store or yard sale to get rid of all your items that are no longer used and to get rid of items that are not in use.

Get rid of too many items – If you have an abundance of things in the room such as lots of items of furniture, you can easily find several big, sturdy objects to place around the room. Or, pick out and place some small items that can compliment the coffee table decor. By simply picking out a few things, you will have plenty of things to place in different areas of the room to give it a different look.

Use linens in the room – When decorating a room, it’s a good idea to get some small accessories for the room such as a set of big pajamas, bed sheets, and towels for your sofa and loveseat. You can also find these items at thrift stores and yard sales. The great thing about using pillows and other accessories is that they will go well with items that you may already have in the room.

Make a statement – When using the couch, loveseat, or sofa table decor in the room, you may want to choose one item that has a bold color or theme. By choosing this one item, you can work on other areas of the room without becoming overwhelmed. To really make a statement, you can place some artwork or use one large piece that has a color scheme that matches other pieces in the room. Keep in mind, these are just a few ideas for small living room ideas. There are several more that you can apply to update the appearance of your living room and give your space a new, creative look.